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I was born in Teófilo Otoni (Bresil) on November 2nd 1988. When I was almost two years old, a sporty couple brought me to Switzerland, raised me and introduced me to the world of sports.


When I was four, I started to swim and to do artistic gymnastics. I expanded my athletic horizons with trampolining (incl. a trainer education in artistic gymnastics and trampolining), cliff diving and extreme canyoning.


I started to cliff dive professionally when I was sixteen. In the beginning, I only participated in show events – at this young age, I was only after records and the official competitions did not yet intrigue me. Well... I got older and realized that competitions are also a place to meet kindred spirits. A place where people treat each other like family.


From there on, things took their course and more and more dumber ideas came to mind: I started to mix cliff diving with canyoning. This combination is interesting because it allows me to cliff dive in places where no one else would think about doing such tricks. There is not only one fixed platform but an entire canyon – almost boundless opportunities. What more do I want?


Sport is the most important part of my life. I love nature and love to let off steam in places not everybody has access to. Cliff diving and extreme canyoning is perfect for this. It enables us to witness sensationally beautiful locations and breathtaking natural spectacles. It combines flying and climbing with water and the challenge to get out of one’s comfort zone, to rise above oneself as well as to set new expectations. My incentive is to establish records for which I have to explore my limits and to do it in a way that is not easily imitated.


Since the fun factor is much higher in a group, I participate in various competitions and meetings for cliff divers and canyoneers. At such events, I can talk with like-minded „crazy“ people and always learn new things.


My goal is to do this sport all around the world and to pass my knowledge and experiences on to interested people.

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